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At Empowered Learners, it is our vision to provide therapeutic interventions that maximize your child’s growth and progress. We believe in being an active part of your child’s team and do our best to communicate with other service providers (ABA therapists, psychologists, physicians, etc.). By employing the use of a collaborative approach to treatment, we are able to support your child and family’s goals—across a variety of disciplines and environments—thus creating a complete, cohesive plan of care. All services are based on the highest quality evidence that is available.

Empowered Learners serves individuals ages 0-22. Evaluation and Treatment are offered in expressive and receptive language disorders, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), social skills, articulation disorders, feeding or dysphagia, cognitive disorders, cognitive development, voice disorders, and stuttering/fluency. 

Free Consultations
Free Preschool Language Screenings Coming soon!

- Speech sound inventory

- Language development

Comprehensive Evaluations 

Empowered Learners evaluates children for speech and language concerns using formal and informal assessments, parental and clinician observations, and speech and language sampling. Your child’s individualized plan of care will be determined based on the results of their comprehensive evaluation.

Free Preschool Speech & Language Screenings Coming Soon!

Speech-Language Therapy​
Because children make the most progress when goals and expectations are consistent, weekly therapy services are recommended. Caregivers are encouraged to attend therapy sessions to be an active part of their child’s therapy and learn how to use certain techniques at home. Therapy is provided in a child-friendly, play- and clinician-based environment where the child is free to play, laugh, and grow to his/her fullest potential.
Summer Speech Therapy
When school is out for summer break, your child’s speech services don’t have to be. Children who are in speech and language therapy at school may regress in their skills over the summer. Summer speech therapy can provide your child with one-on-one intervention that will meet your child’s unique needs. Call today to schedule weekly speech therapy during your child's summer break!
​Academic & Related Service Support

Collaborating with your child's school-based team promotes generalization of the goals they are working on at school into your home. With having more than one eye on communicative treatment, both speech-language pathologists are able to develop and instruct on techniques for communication to determine the treatment that best meets your child's needs. As your ally in navigating special education services, your private SLP will consult with you regarding your child' Individualized Education Plan (IEP), assist with program modification, and provide resources for school staff. 

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Branford, CT, 06405

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